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Supply List 



Algebra I Supply List (2018-2019)

Basic (4 function)Calculators only.Students are not allowed to use cell phones for calculators in my class-they are too much of a distraction.

Sharpened pencils with eraser (mechanical pencils are preferred) NO PENS

Binder with pockets ( I strongly suggest a zipper binder-they keep pencils, and calculators and other loose items secure when they are walking from class to class)

Filler Paper

Composition Notebook - (use for question of the day) Must bring to class everyday.


Graph Paper

Colored Pencils

Scissors (for home use)

Donations to Classroom

Pack of Pencils

Pack of Copy Paper

Clorox Disinfectant Wipes 


   Attitude to be the best student you can be and learn as much Algebra as you can.


IF any of my students need help with supplies, Please have your parents call, email, or write me a note and I will help you out. Students can come and see me during 7th period to get the supplies.