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Senior Painted Parking Spots
Posted On:
Thursday, June 08, 2017


1.      Student must submit a sketch or drawing for approval by the SCCHS administration. Submissions must be submitted prior to painting and submitted with the $75 fee.

a.       (summer painting dates are: June 14,15 and July 26,27)

2.      Painting must be done on the above dates, or must obtain approval from the Principal prior to painting. Failure to abide by this will result in a denial of parking privileges on campus.

3.      Student should bring approved sketch while painting.

4.      Designs may not contain any inappropriate language or artwork, or be derogatory toward another social group or school. Designs promoting school spirit are highly encouraged. HAVE FUN! The purpose of this privilege is to promote school pride while giving students the opportunity to express themselves, and giving them a sense of ownership of our school.

5.      All paint used should be exterior latex. Other types of paint will likely wash/weather away quickly. Paint may only be applied using brushes, rollers, or sponges; NO SPRAY CANS are SPRAYING DEVICES will be allowed.

6.      Student may not paint outside of the designated space. A 2 inch gap must be present around the lines dividing the spaces and a 3 inch gap if sidewalk/curb exists. Parking space numbers should be left visible. You should use painter’s tape to outline the gap within the space prior to painting.

7.      All paint, supplies, and clean-up are the sole responsibility of the student.

8.      You will be allowed to update your spot throughout the year. However, you must submit a sketch and receive approval prior to painting the new space.

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